When Should You See a Chiropractor

Chiropractic most commonly provides relief for the conditions highlighted below.


Neck Pain & Stiffness

The frequent causes of neck pain and stiffness include muscle tension, poor posture, sleeping with your neck in an awkward position or jerking your neck during exercise.


Headaches & Migraine

A headache can occur in any part of the head, one or both sides of the head or in just one location. It can be also triggered by poor posture and muscle spasms.

Back Pain

This is a common complaint from people seeking medical or alternative care. Whether you are suffering from upper or lower back pain, it can be very uncomfortable and debilitating. Back pain usually results from a sprain, strain, tension or injury.

Sports Injuries

Typically caused by repetitive stress to the joints when you engage in sports or exercise, stretching too far beyond your limits, lack of warm-up or cool down and improper technique. Soft tissues such as muscles, ligaments, tendons and bursae may be affected.

Pregnancy Care

Expectant mothers experience significant hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy. It is therefore common to experience lower back or hip pain. With adjustments, your pelvis will be well aligned and balanced. This not only benefits you but also your baby’s growth as well as facilitating a smoother delivery.

Wellness Care

Wellness care is an approach which allow us to be more aware of how to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. There are many secondary factors, such as emotions and environments that may affect us. it is important to maintain a good state of wellbeing so as to reduce the risk of illness and to maintain positive interactions.

Other common conditions:-

  • Low Back Pain

  • Joint Pain (Wrist, Ankle, Knee, Shoulder, hip etc.)

  • Muscle Pain and Spasms

  • Rotator cuff injuries

  • Migraine prevention

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Sciatica

  • Strains and Sprains

  • Poor Posture

  • And much more......

If you are not sure whether Chiropractic is right for you or if could help alleviate your condition, we can offer you a 15 minute spinal assessment